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Why A Company Offering Professional Bee Removal Services Is Essential

Bees are an essential part of any ecosystem. They play a pivotal part in pollination and therefore the survival of many plant species. Although many important agricultural crops do rely on wind pollination, honeybees play an important role. The impact of their disappearance would also hit the pocketbooks of American consumers hard – according to the United States Department of Agriculture honeybees provide $11-$15 billion in work value for American farmers every year. If they disappear, prices for agricultural produce would skyrocket.

So honeybees are important. However, they can become a dangerous pest – and species such as the Africanized Honeybee can be lethal if the hive is disturbed.

Protecting honeybees and ensuring the safety of family members and pets are two of the reasons (aside from ensuring our access to delicious honey) that professional bee removal services are so important.

So what are some of the other benefits of engaging with a company that provides professional bee removal services?

Firstly there is the matter of cost. It may be tempting to try to remove the hive yourself, however without the right tools and equipment (and experience) such efforts very rarely deal with the problem in a way that ensures the effective removal of the bees from your property. In almost every instance the bees will return. This will necessitate revisiting the removal process – and additional costs will be incurred. To do the job properly the homeowner would also have to purchase the correct equipment – and if one is not using that specialized equipment regularly, it simply is not a good investment.

There is also the matter of safety. Experience counts and the novice at bee removal is in danger of severe injury – and is placing the members of the household in danger as well. Disturb the nest and a normal ‘domesticated’ Honeybee swarm will chase you for around 100 yards. Africanized Honeybees have been reported to have chased people for around a quarter-mile – and they will attack any living thing in the vicinity. It is worth noting that Africanized Honeybees have been responsible for around 1,000 deaths – and those stung can expect 10 times more stings than those delivered by ‘domesticated’ European Honeybees. Dealing with these insects is not a job for the amateur.

However, there are other safety issues that should be evaluated when considering bee removal. Pest removal companies that do not specialize in bee removal, or lack ethical ‘Green’ credentials may make use of chemicals such as allethrin and parathyroids. These are also common in many over the counter pesticides. These chemicals can cause significant environmental damage and you do not want the residue from their use on your property – especially where there are children or pets present.

If you are especially concerned with environmental issues then you can opt for a bee removal company that offers live bee removal. the insects are relocated – and often find their new home at a local apiary (also called a bee yard) where they will supply honey for sale to consumers.

In short, professional Bee removal services provide peace of mind and a stress-free, environmentally friendly, and effective solution to problem hives. For the homeowner, enlisting their services simply makes sense.

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